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    Our Philosophy

    We believe that any legal matter that involves you and your family is important. With any form of family representation that we provide, we assure you that we will strive to do what is the best for you and for your family every step of the way.

    Our professional philosophy and approach to the practice of law is very simple: promptness, effectiveness, ethics, quality and innovation. These five characteristics of our international practice make us unique among competitors and valued by our Clients.

    Promptness. We are a fast-paced company. Thus we concentrate on bringing to our Clients the most workable and cost effective solutions in the shortest time possible.

    Effectiveness. We are an effective company.

    To us,”effectiveness” means taking only the right steps that would lead only to the right results that benefit our Clients in the most appropriate way. Effectiveness also includes cost effectiveness. By being effective we save our Clients’ costs.

    Ethics. We take ethics seriously. Our ethics is a company basis of long term relationships of trust and confidence with our Clients.

    We are selective in accepting new matters. We accept new cases only if we believe in the ultimate justice of representation. We believe it gives us an advantage. But when we take the case our clients can be rest assured that it is dealt with according to the highest standards of legal ethics.

    Quality. We strive for perfection for the benefit of our Clients. To us, “quality” means exceeding our Clients’ expectations with regard to both what we achieve for them, and how we achieve that.

    Innovation. We are an innovative company. We are ready to bring untraditional energetic solutions to our clients’ business matters.

    Every client is different; each case is distinct.

    We believe that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” practice, whether you are contemplating marriage or seeking a divorce. At the Family Law Company, we tailor our approach to the needs of the individual client. If necessary, we can bring in local experts such as medical specialists, business valuators, and other professionals to assist in your case.

    At the Family Law Company, we pride ourselves on the degree of personal service we give our clients. We provide the right balance of listening, guidance, and expertise to help you understand your case, make informed decisions, and transition to a better future.

    Protecting your interests

    Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for you, with a minimum of conflict and expense. For instance, if you decided to proceed with a divorce, we would do our best to diffuse any potential conflicts and deal with your situation clearly and objectively.

    If the gentle approach fails, however, our attorneys will guide you through all the challenges and legal questions presented by a contested divorce process in Ukraine, including property valuation and division, spousal and child support, and custody. With thorough preparation and our solid legal representation, your divorce can be resolved efficiently and cost-effectively — and you can obtain the property settlement you deserve at the same time.

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    About Us

    “Magistr” is the professional Family Law Company which was established by its Managing Partner Oleksiy Gutsulyak in 2002. Combining world-class standards of legal practice, established local expertise, and 10 years of experience on the country’s young legal market, “Magistr” has unparalleled capabilities for meeting the requirements of clients in all fields of law.

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