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    Documents required for registration with the DFC

    Ukrainian law states that foreign citizens who wish to adopt Ukrainian children must submit a petition to the Adoption Center, requesting to be registered as prospective adoptive parents and to be permitted to visit orphanages in order to select, meet and establish contact with an orphan. The following documents must be part of the petition:

    1. A petition, requesting to be registered as prospective adoptive parents and to be permitted to visit orphanages in order to select, meet and establish contact with an orphan. A petition (notarized) must contain names of the spouses, country of residence, contact information, number and age of children you want to adopt; this application should be filed personally or via representative.

    2. Four (4) copies of passport or other identification document.

    3. Three  original home studies – Certificate of completed home study, issued by a competent authority in the prospective adoptive parents' country.  If completed by a non-governmental entity, a copy of the license authorizing this entity to conduct home studies must be included.  As of August 6, 2014 the families should include three certified and apostilled copies of the home study. The home study should include the following:

    Home address, living conditions (number of bedrooms, living space and conditions for the adopted child), biographic information of the parents, household members (number of persons residing in the same household and their relation to the adoptive parent, number of biological children, if any); adoptive parents’ approach towards adoption.

    The home study must also include recommendations regarding the number, age and health condition of the children that can be adopted by the prospective adoptive parents.  Specific special needs and health problems should listed in case the family is approved for adoption of a special needs child, who has one of the health problems listed in the Ministry of Health Protection list and when adopting a child under five.  The current list of these health problems is available at:http://zakon1.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/z0352-12#n16 in Ukrainian, while the English version is posted at:http://photos.state.gov/libraries/ukraine/895/pdf/ list_of_health_problems_eng_march2012.pdf (PDF, 183 KB).  This list came into effect on March 2, 2012.

    4. A permit from a competent authorityfor the child’s immigration and permanent residence, issued by the country of permanent residence of adoptive parents, except for Ukrainian citizens who reside abroad and foreign citizens with whom Ukraine has visa-free regime (U.S. citizens can use Form I-171H, Notice of Approval of Advance Processing (I-600A application).

    5. Registration commitment (two notarized copies), addressed to the Ministry for Social policy and General Consulate or the Embassy of Ukraine:

    The prospective adoptive parents must commit, in writing, to register their child with the Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate in the United States within one month of the completion of the adoption.  The parents also agree to complete the post-adoption progress reports.  This document must be prepared in duplicate and should include the following commitments:  

    • to register the adopted child with the respective Consulate or Embassy of Ukraine (indicating the name and full address of the Consulate/Embassy);
    • to provide the adopted child with the opportunity to keep their Ukrainian citizenship until 18 years old;
    • to submit annual reports on the adopted child to the Consulate or Embassy of Ukraine at least once a year for the first three years after the adoption and once every three years afterwards, until the child's 18th birthday;
    • to provide an opportunity to the representatives of the Consulate/Embassy of Ukraine to communicate with the adopted child;
    • To inform the Consulate/Embassy of Ukraine bout any change of address of the adopted child;
    • NEW (as of August 6, 2014): In case of re-adoption or transfer of an adopted child to another foreign family, or institutions for the children deprived of parental care, or separation from the family by law enforcement or social services, the family must inform the respective Consulate/Embassy of Ukraine within 20 days of the incident;
    • NEW (as of August 6, 2014): Immediately ( but not later than three days) inform the Consulate/Embassy of Ukraine about any violation of the adopted child’s rights and/or interests or accidents and death of an adopted child;
    • NEW (as of August 6, 2014): Commitment should include the applicants’ full address, passport data, phone number and email addresses.

    6. If only one parent of the couple is an applicant, a notarized consent for adoption from non-adopting parent is needed.

    7. Income (salary) certificates for the last 6 months or copies of income declarations for the previous calendar year, certified by notary or issuing authority.

    8. Notarized copy of marriage certificate registered with the relevant authority (two copies).

    9. Health certificate for each of applicants. This specific medical form(download) must be completed. Although the form instructs parents to visit eight separate specialists, the parents may simply visit their family doctor.  The doctor must complete the form in its entirety.  The doctor must also include an official and authenticated statement that the parents are not drug addicts, and that they do not have syphilis or HIV/AIDS.

    10. Certificate on absence of convictions for each parent issued by the relevant authority.

    11. Notarized copy of title document for ownership or accommodation right for living premises, with indication of total and living area and number of bedrooms.

    12. Notarized written consent from prospective parents for disclosure of their information by the Secretariat General of the Interpol and by the law-enforcement authorities from the countries of their citizenship and residence. The English version of the form is available here: (download)

    13. Three copies  of notarized consent from each adoptive parent to receive and process their own personal data, as well as their adopted children’s information in all competent authorities of their country of residence, until the adopted child turns 18.

    14. Information from a competent authority of the applicant’s country of residence and from a Consulate/Embassy of Ukraine attesting to timely filing of post-adoption reports for previously adopted children and absence of the facts regarding inappropriate execution of parental rights on behalf of the adoptive aprents (two separate documents are required).

    NOTE: The DFC will not accept any notarized statements in place of W-2 forms or other proof of income, nor will they accept notarized statements or affidavits instead of the documents confirming property rights.  On the date of submission of your documents to the DFC, they should remain valid for at least six months.  Documents are valid for 12 months from the date of issuance or notarization, except for the I-171H form, which is valid for 18 months.  If an original document is retained by the issuing authority (which should be indicated in the document), a notarized copy can be submitted.Additional documents may be requested. 

    The above mentioned documents are prepared in the applicants’ country of residence and are legalized or certified by Apostille (except for copies of passport or other ID) and are filed together with notarized Ukrainian translations thereof.

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