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    Our services:

     üTranslation of standard documents (passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, change of name certificates, etc., extracts from the registers, diplomas, agreements, contracts, charters, registration certificates, documents for the tax authorities, pension funds, insurance companies, military offices, traffic police, Departments of Citizenship and Migration, visa application documents, etc.).
    üTranslation of medical texts (patient information, medical records, information sheets, certificates etc.).
    üTranslation of technical texts (user guides etc.).
    üTranslation of economic texts (financial reports, expert evaluations, banking texts, tax declarations, real estate and insurance documents, etc.).
    Translation of legal texts (powers of attorney, court decisions, permissions issued by a notary, certificates of no criminal record, contracts etc.)
    üCertified translation for real estate transactions.
    üTranslation and interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive) for meetings, negotiations, presentations, court proceedings and other specialized agencies.
    üCertification of translation by the official translator’s seal.
    üNotarization services.
    A notary certifies the authenticity of a translated document and the authenticity of the translator’s identity and signature.
    üApostille and legalization.

    Our company provides apostilization and legalization of original documents, translations, and copies at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and Consulates of foreign countries in Ukraine.

    Our contacts

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    Ivano-Frankivsk region
    Ukraine, 78200

    Phone: +380 96 898 77 85

    About Us

    “Magistr” is the professional Family Law Company which was established by its Managing Partner Oleksiy Gutsulyak in 2002. Combining world-class standards of legal practice, established local expertise, and 10 years of experience on the country’s young legal market, “Magistr” has unparalleled capabilities for meeting the requirements of clients in all fields of law.

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